Overclocking Help!


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Jul 29, 2014
Hi guys i just go overclock the "DMI BASE CLOCK to 103 instead of 100" and the multipler is 43 and im able to reached 4.462GHz instead of having stucked at 4.3GHz with this processor. Does anybody did this and having weird start up after the base overclocking? When i start my Alienware Aurora R4 the active venting opened and AlienFX lighted up after it cut off and it will restart and the active venting goes down and up and finally it booted up again after that it goes fine. I even tested with Prime95 and the temperature is around 84 Degree Celcius. :)

Please Share if you had the same processor and and different overclock settings for the bios in order to get more than 4.3GHz ! :D Thanks!

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Sorry Guys ! im using Alienware Aurora R4 intel i7-3820 without "K". Graphics with Nvidia GTX 660. RAM Corsair Dominator Platinum 1600 MHz 16GB Dual channel