Overheating & Repasting

So today I was playing PlanetSide 2 on my Alienware M14X R1 and as I was playing the game my tempetures went pretty high, 96C was the highest, This was with Medium detail. The others were around 93,94,95ish. But this sytem is 1.5 years old. I've never done repasting the cpu or gpu before but I might have to. Anyone have tips, what I need for repasting, info on how to do it, and so forth.
Yea i agree with you. It's outta warranty, but I ordered the SYBA Spyker 12-15.4" Laptop Cooler. But I've done few things such as replacing the keyboard taking off screen. So I think I'm ready, but yea I get yea. This is the first time it's gotten that high so it just might be that Planetside 2 is just to intense for the 1.5GB Gefore 555M. Imma hold off till I really need to do it.
What in the World, that really cold. Even when i'm not doing anything my core temps tells me my min is 44C (it doesn't go lower than that) , but like surfing the web and stuf it's around 50-60C. How many fans are in a laptop because i think only one is working? Cause my left side is like cold & on the right side it's warm.