Owners of a X51


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Nov 3, 2012
First of all I ´d like to say that this forum is great and it has helped me a lot ;)!!.
Guys I´m saving money in order to buy a X51 but I ve been doing some research lately and i ´ve found that there are a lot of problems with the new gtx 660 oem and people are really angry with dell tech support so at this point i m a little bit scary about the X51 cause I ´ ve been saving money since may to buy one ! the last post I ve read were from september so i wanna now if the problem is still there without any solution cause i ll be ordering mine in early december ! So please tell me your experience with the X51 and give me hope!! haha . Thank you guys !

pd: I´m spanish so sorry if I had bad grammar ! hehe


Apr 12, 2012
First off your buying the perfect comp, I love mine. I haven't heard any of these problems, or had any myself so I'll save that for someone else. If you get one you can easily swap out the gpu to something way better. Just sell the oem and use that money for a new one.

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Mar 4, 2012
I bought mine when the X51 was still shipping with the GTX 555. I recently upgraded the GPU to an EVGA GTX 670 FTW and so far I have not had any problems. It runs like a champ with games like Battlefield 3 and more recently Dishonored and Borderlands 2 (got borderlands for free when I bought the 670). I think you will be rather impressed with how well it performs for such a relatively small desktop. I say go for it! I have yet to hear any deal breaking complaints.

Bienvenido! Me imagino que eres de España y veras como la gente de este sitio se prestan facilmente para ayudar si a caso tienes problemas con tu compu Alienware. Espero que le va gustar siempre y quando decide comprar la computadora.


Aug 28, 2012
I've got one I just recently purchased with the 660 in it. I've had zero problems. I replaced a Mac Mini that I ran windows 7 on in boot camp - I just got tired of the hassle of boot camp even though I loved the form factor. I went through two generations of minis but finally realized I wanted something that just ran well. I picked the X51 for nothing more than the form factor. And it's been outstanding. Best media PC I've ever had, and I've been running HTPC's since 2000. Quiet, does everything I throw at it, and never a hiccup. MKV's, blu rays, 3d, games - it has been great. Upgraded to Windows 8 and it's running great still. I did upgrade the sad PowerDVD 9 they included with it to the newer PowerDVD 12 Ultra, so I have the working PowerDVD entry in the Media Center UI again as well. So not sure what problems you were referring to with the 660 based X51, but the few people I know who also got one have also had no problems. We may just be lucky though... :)
Hola compañero.

I'm also from Spain and I've ordered mine last friday, the delivery date is around 10th December, so if you want it before Xmas dont delay your order too much.

I had your same concerns, this computer (at least in Spain) is not cheap, so we must be sure were we invest our money isn`t it?
For that reason I did a lot of research (rewiews, owner coments, etc.) prior to my order. I've also talked a lot with a Dell's sales manager about the pros and cons of this computer. So if you want to follow my advice go for it, you'll not be disapointed !!!! I think is a fantastic machine, also Dell's quality and service is a must, If you ever had Dell computer you 'll know what I'm talking about.

About the discount. Just want to tell you I work in a company who spend thousands of Euros every year in Dell stuf, and I'm the one in charge to spend it ;) So Dell have a sales manager dedicated to me (well maybe not only to me) who allways give me the best prices, so I asked him to give me a good deal in this one but he told me it was not possible, I wish you luck !!!!!

Te quedaras contento si lo compras, yo estoy contando los dias para recibir el mio, animo y un saludo.