Palit GTX 970 sound in the X51

Hi Guys,

I bought a Palit GTX 970 and it runs like dream.

But is was wondering about the fain noise, this is my fan sound:

not running games:

running games :

Is this normal ? I'm not very familiar with GPU and PC's (yet), so...

I'm running the games at max settings round 76 MAX 80/81 degrees...

When I hear a similar - single fan - design as my Palit, it sounds like this: (at 0:10 and 0:50)

I hope someone can help me if it is normal? Or maybe a cable hitting fan problem?

PS. I took the card out once to see if there aren't any cables blocking the fan, but after rerouting the cables, it makes the same sound. So maybe then that could not be it?
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