Patriot Viper 3 Series, Saphire Blue works 1600mhz with r1 :)


Jul 19, 2013
My x51 has 16GB Kingston PnP RAM... (I tried several other pc3-12800s and they all went 1333mhz)

I had bought some memory for another computer build. AMD FX CPU

The RAM was ridiculous cheap after $60 rebate. Patriot Viper Extreme CL11. I found out why it was so cheap (even for CL11). I could not get the RAM to work reliably in ANY computer. The AMD just crashed and I ended up corrupting the OS. The x51 would just BEEP and not even post. I had sent in darn rebate so I could not even return the RAM :(

I had sent the ram back to Tiger Direct for exchange, and they had it forever and just sent be back more defective RAM or possibly the same RAM. Anyway, did not get anywhere with those idiots. I actually got the rebate sooner than I got the RAM back from Tiger Direct and ended up just going buying some Crucial RAM.

I RMA'd it to Patriot and told them to PLEASE send me something compatible with either my x51 or my AMD motherboard.

I must admit Patriot RMA process was fast and smooth :)

Anyway they sent me Viper 3 Series, Saphire Blue, DDR3 16GB (2 x 8GB) 1600MHz Dual Kit (PV316G160C9KBL)

Unfortunately, It also has issues in my AMD when paired with other RAM :(

- but it seems to work full 1600mhz in my r1 x51!

The Windows performance memory score is also 8.0 like my other Kingston PnP RAM.

I'm running Intel Burn Test now on maximum. No issues so far. About 1/2 way done. Seems stable.

Then I'll run memtest86+ overnight just to make 100% sure.