PC-Doctor Module error?

Hi folks hoping someone can help. My M17x R4 arrived last week and I am over the moon with it but I have a small issue with it just now...

I keep getting a random pop-up error message which says something like "PC-Doctor module has failed to run" or words to that effect. I will post the exact message next time i get it, but basically it gives the option to close the program and search online for a soloution or just close the program. It does not matter which option I accept, all that seems to happen is the message window closes. I am not aware of any other symptom/issue connected with this so i'm a bit puzzled. :(

I tried running the System Diagnostic scan from Dell's support page but even downloading the .exe file and leaving IE open on the page as it directs, when i double click the .exe file nothing at all happens?

Any ideas?

I forgot to say..I'm running Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit if that helps?