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While waiting on my alien to be delivered I have been looking at various games to buy for it or play for free.My main area of interest is the fps genre in the style of military and sci-fi settings.I have games such as battlefiled 1943,bad company 2,bf3,mw3,black ops 1 and 2,crysis 1 and 2 and all the halos and dlc on xbox so dont really wanna buy again for the pc.Also have crysis 3 on pre-order for my xbox and cant decide if to change that order and get it on the pc?

So I was hoping if some forum members could recommend some titles and some of the free online titles for me to check out...I would like titles that go from realistic to just general run and gun.I also like fantasy games but also have skyrim on xbox....If however any of the titles I have mentioned are worth re-purchase then please tell me why,however enhanced graphics on pc is not a good enough reason as all of em dont look shabby on the xbox.Am looking for reasons such has an active community and plenty of dlc etc?

Sorry if alot of this seems like very obvious questions just remember am new to pc gaming and titles across the formats dont always sit the same with each platforms playing community so would like advice on the best experiences I can find on my new machine.Am not looking for you guys to do my work for me would just like advice from a community that is actually playing games and not having to rely on reviews on amazon and some sites online.

Thankyou for any viewpoints you guys can put my way.


Apr 12, 2012
If your new to pc gaming then you'll want to check out metro 2033, the second is due out in March. Far cry 3 is awesome as well. If you want free go get origin and download crysis 3 beta for fee until the 12th. Pre-order it and get the first one for free which is an awesome game. Steam has a lot of cheap games, do get steam and origin, those two you pretty much need.

This is why the x51 is so important, it brings new people to pc gaming bc of the form factor. It looks like a console, its small which tells people you don't need a crazy machine to play pc games. The more people it brings the more game devs stop making shitty ports from consoles.

Welcome and you'll love your new machine.

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Many thanks and I will look into your suggestions.....the crysis games I love and have on my xbox....I have cysis 3 on pre-order for the xbox....do you think it wise to change that pre order over to the pc ???..if you get crysis 1 for free am thinking that it will be a deal maker for me then will prob add crysis2 to my pc collection as well and the dlc that i already have on xbox...I take it loads of pc players still play all of the crysis games on pc ?

Thankyou sway for the helpful post:)


Feb 13, 2012
Sydney, Australia
I'm really into Planetside 2. Has a strong fan base, and they sometimes run events.

So I am part of the Terran Republic, and the last event was to see who can control most of the world. We won by gaining control of all 3 continents. It was a massive commitment from the entire community. Was a hell of a lot of fun.

And the best part is that it's free to play.
There are items that can be purchased only, and some that can also be earned.

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Feb 4, 2012
Borderlands 2, a really adicting game!

I would have to second this. And right now is a good time as it is 29.99$ on steam that way you can even purchase the DLC's and come out a little ahead of the original retail for all of it. This and the newest DLC (to be released on the 25th of this month) is the largest Borderlands DLC in the history of both games with completely new areas and monsters not just re-skinned areas and monsters.

It is an addicting game that to date I have found no equal for in comparison of its playability and fun had while playing.