Pic of my winning courtesy of AWO! Thanks Tommy!!


Feb 13, 2012
Sydney, Australia
Hey All,

Just sharing a pic of my 7-port Belkin USB hub thanks to AWO and Tommy! I was supposed to post a pic of this a while ago, but life got in the way.

Here it is. I must say that this is an amazingly convienient pieces of gadgetry!

It currently replaces my wife's phone charger (she broke her's). I also use it to charge my phone when away from the charger. It also power's my laptop cooling pad 24x7. Even when the laptop is off, lucky the cooling pad is quiet.


If any of you have won something, and currently have it in use. Please share!!
I won this from the grand re-opening giveaway. I love it and am hoping to get the headset from AWA giveaway someday.