Please advice upgrade 750TI


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Aug 8, 2016
Hello everyone, i'm a newbie on forum.
I intend to upgrade gpu with gtx 960 but after i find out i knew that i have to need psu 330w. It's too expensive if i order online and transport to vietnam with total around 150-160$.
So i consider just upgrade MSI N750TI 2G/OC to replace GTX 745OME/4G. I have a question is MSI N750TI 2G/OC able to run well on x51 r3 with psu 240w along with I5 6400, 8G RAM, 1TB HDD?

Thanks a lot!
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Jun 20, 2016
Hi and welcome iamsinbet. Are you sure your system didn't come with the 330w PSU? I only recently purchased an R3 like yours and even though the description on the Dell site indicated it came with the smaller PSU the Dell customer service told me that the R3's only shipped with the 330w and that is what I ended up receiving. If you were shipped the smaller PSU perhaps there was a change in policy after you purchased ...

In terms of the MSI card, I'm a newbie too so can't be of much assistance I'm afraid!