please can any one help with evga precision x


Feb 21, 2013

please can any one help me ,, i thought i would try out the evga precision x after having used msi afterburner for a long time with no issues ,

as soon as i turn on precision x i get a flashing bar in many different colors on the left hand side on the screen in any game i load up ... this is with no oc set in precision x at this point , and when i start to oc with the software it is working fine ,, but the flashing bar is still their ,, the only way to get rid of it is to close down precision x ???

please help .... what am i missing here ?

i have uninstalled msi after burner and restarted laptop and i have made sure my precision x is up to date .

and now im out of ideas and thinking of going back to msi after burner lol

thanks for any help