Please help with display problem.

Hey all,

Had mx X51 for several months and no problem. I even played a bit of Civ 5 this morning. But when I came home this afternoon, I booted it up and nothing but a blue screen. Now, let me clarify that this is not the blue screen of death. I route my X51 through my Onkyo receiver and TV via HDMI port, so every time I start the PC it does spend a few seconds at this screen before windows boots. I think to see the screen before windows loads you have to route it through DVI.

Well, just rushed to the store for a DVI cable and guess end fits the PC, but the other end won't fit the television.

Any other idea as to how I can get a display to see what's happening at boot up?



Jul 19, 2013
I have my x51 into a 3xHDMI switch, then a 2xsplitter to a monitor and a 50' HDMI cable to my Harmon Kardon AVR then to TV.

Occasionally when I boot I get no picture(on either screen) but the machine is working just fine. I just cycle the 3xHDMI and then I can see the goofy windows tile start screen. I've never had to resort to using the DVI. I have the GT 640.

Its kind of annoying(maybe one in 10 boots) but I don't think its done it yet with the A13 bios.
Finally got it fixed. Booted it up in safe mode and then went from using the HDMI port on the top to the one on the bottom. The bottom port not only gives me the complete power of the graphics card, but allows me to now see the windows boot screen to make sure no front end errors are occurring....could kick myself for listening to the person that told me to use the top HDMI port for my main connection.

Thankfully able to get back to my epic Civ 5 game now!