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Sep 4, 2012
Yep, that really was a cry out for help!

My Aurora R4 somehow managed to get a nasty piece of Malware on it called "Delta Search Hijacker". I dont know how it got on but anyway, I was worried about it gathering my personal info such as banking logins etc so thought best to be belt and braces, factory restore.

I thought i'd got all the files backed up and went into the Recovery options (F8 at post screen) Selected for recovery to factory state using alien respawn.

Following on from this and consequently my wife is in tears because she has lost approximately 1000 images of our 1yr old son which she had gathered and saved on the C: (Oh man why didnt I just double check before I wiped the system - I told her to save eveything on the external drive)...

We have loads of pics anyway but in her words that is not the point, and I have to agree *doh*

So - I wanted to know whether there is any way to reverse this process either through Alien Respawn or some other trusted 3rd party software in order to recover all the images for safe keeping before reverting to factory settings again ?

Yours in anticipation



Oct 26, 2012
Toronto ON CA
At my work I preform data recovery for customers all the time. Best program that I have found is this..

Best way to recover your photos with this program.
Use a laptop with the program installed and an external HDD dock with your target HDD in it or install windows on a different hard drive in your Aurora and boot into that. Install the program and point the wizard at the other hard drive that has the photos on it.

Dont worry the photos are still there unless you reinstalled windows like 6x since then.
Youd be surprised the amount of data you will recover. Just remember anything that you have deleted might restore in the recovery file. :cool:

NOTE* Do not preform a recovery on a hard drive that you are booted into, it will not turn out good. Keep em seperated :cool:
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