Please Help !!!


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Apr 13, 2019
Hi folks signed up to see if ANYONE can help me. This is my first Alienware PC and probably my last going from my experiences. Im computer savy buy my god this machine is crazy fussy with Windows 10. First issue Dell/Microsoft/Alienware could not help me after spending hours on the phone with an issue of BSOD. Turns out, I figured it out myself by turning off windows indexing it fixed everything. Go figure. Anyways, MAIN issue is this damn AW768 Keyboard and AW958 Mouse will not show up in my AlienFX not even my PC ( Aurora R6 ), so I'm stuck with an ugly piss yellow keyboard color it decided to change itself to, my mouse is blue ( cant change that either ) and PC is purple. I can change the PC color only in the old Alienware Command Center that came stock on this PC. I used to be able to change the color on the keyboard and mouse via the "newer" command center with AlienFX but suddenly it all changed by itself one day and now Im stuck with 3 different colors. I had 2 versions of Command Center on here the old stock one ( which still never showed mouse or keyboard ) and the newer Command Center ( that showed mouse and keyboard NOT the PC ) I can adjust fans, colors of PC in the OLD version and NOTHING in the new. This is extremely frustrating as this mouse and keyboard are only 1 year old. To save anyone who can help me time, I have followed the instructions to a T on the alienware site regarding propper install and uninstal of the command centers. Nothing works please help if possible !!!!! - Thx