Power on intermintent problem


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Feb 8, 2015
Hi to all i have just joined and this is my 1st Alienware System.
I just purchased a refurbished X51 R2 still with dell warranty and seems to be in very good condition with little signs of use.
I set it all up and used it for about 1 hour or so then shut it down, went back to it after about 3 hours and to my surpise it would not power on anymore, the power adapter was still on at the mains and the green light was on also. But still would not power on, so i decided to unplug everything and contacted the company who i purchased it from, they where very good and apologetic about it and had no issues in either giving me a full refund or contacting a dell engineer to come and have a look at my home address.
Then later that evening i thought before i box everything up ready to return it connected evrything up and hey presto it powered on with no probelms.
So i have been testing, and it seems when i power it on i can use it without any problems as long as i need to, but as soon as i decide to shutdown the computer, leaving the power brick still connected at the mains. When i go back to it it will not power up.
To solve this i have to unplug the power brick from the mains wait for an hour or so ( not really timed it yet) then plug everything back and hey presto it works again.
Has anybody else had anything similar to this, it has baffled me a little to be honest.

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Since there are no replies thought i might as well reply to my own post.
The only thing that i have found to be certain is that once i have shut down the computer, if i swith it back on within a matter say 30 seconds it will power up ok, but if i leave it any longer, the only way to power it up again would be do disconnect the power brick from the mains wall outlet and leave if for aprox 1 hour then plug it back in and it will power up again. It almost like the power brick goes into a deep sleep mode and you have to disconnect it to reset it again, very weird.
Any advice would be appreciated, i will be calling the dell technician tomorrow but would be nice to know the problem for my own piece of mind.