Power Supply LED connections

Hello. I am rebuilding my alienware Area 51 ALX-R6 (predator 2 case). I am going to be replacing the power supply with an EVGA one, since it is on its last legs, but Im wondering where I would connect the LED power cables for the lighting on the system. The cables seem to run from the power supply through a hole to the opposite side of the case where they are not visible. I noticed on the alienfx card (passive), there is a molex connection, but I’m not sure if that would power the card, or if it is just a pass through for other accessories that use Molex connections. Any help would be appreciated.

The rear side of the case comes off with the same latch method as the main side. Some people might think it is non-removable, as it is often very stiff. You should be able to pull it off, to get a better view of the cables.

And yes, the Molex on the daughter-board does connect back to the PSU.
I have opened the right side panel... I found the cables. What my question is tho, is if I replace the power supply, how can I make the lights work, when the power supply doesn’t have the LED connectors?