Power up issues Lights on no boot

My Alienware 13 R2 has a power up issue. when I press the Alienhead power button the lights and fans come on but the computer does not bootup every time. Now I might have to go through the routine of pressing the power button, letting the lights and fans come on, then holding the power button down for 10 seconds until the lights and fans turn off and starting again. Sometimes a few times and sometimes a hundred times. It doesn't matter if you have the power adapter plugged in or not, if you move the screen angle or not, or the angle or pressure you press the button with.
My guess is that it is the power button board is starting one thing and not the other when pressed, so my current plan is to replace it but, I have no real information on how is physically set up.
Has anyone seen this or have an answer. Because it does start up eventually it doesn't seem to fit any other fixes I have seen.