problem key


Feb 2, 2012
I moved this into the M18x forum since the other forum is for site help and feedback. I checked my AW laptops and haven't noticed any problems with the L key. Mine are older models so I wonder if it just effects the most recent models. :confused:
mashed it to death the first week I had it, didn't help. didn't know if dell used foam under the keys and if i could pop it off or not (to reduce the amount of foam or re configure it under the key) but didnt't want a key that constantly falls off. it takes twice the effort to type a "L" as any other key. thanks for all the feedback in advance.
maybe a good question to ask for those in the know. the seller of my M18 R2 transferred the ownership and warranty witch was verified by phone by myself a week later. Dell said 10 days, when i check my system on their site, didn't show up. I transferred it myself (20 days after the seller did) still doesn't show up. how slow is dell? thanks again.
wait, so your F5 key gets harder to press only when gaming? But during normal use, it is ok???? That is so weird.

I know! I mean, at first i tough "Hmm... i may have pressed it so many times I need to press it harder". But when im not gaming the key works just fine :/ I haven't tried on other games(Just in Ragnarok Online). I will and post the results.