Problem with my R1 after windows creator update!


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Jul 26, 2017
Guys Microsoft updated my R1 with his latest Creator update.
The thing is that when i restart the computer, it stays stuck in the BIOS screen with the alien head! after 5 minutes i hear a bip, after another 5 min it start booting and when its been 20 min in total, i have access to my desktop and everything is fine, good speed etc.....

I did a fresh installation of windows with my usb but the Windows 10 installation media only gives me the lastest windows that means Creator update.
My Bios is the latest, drivers are updated. In Msconfig under boot, i put timeout at 3 seconds instead of 30.
Its still the same problem.

Before i did the fresh install, after the 20 min of waiting, the screen was black and i was able to just see the cursor, the restoration of windows seems to have repaired that error.

I was searching on google and people with the R2 version were able to repair the problem by enabling or disabling the secure boot option in the bios. ( But for me, the secure boot option is in grey i cannot select it.

My Bios is set in uefi.

Please help me what can i do?!!!!

Forgive my english is speak french......
Thank you for your help!