Problems with screen freezing

Hello all, I am going to make this post simple for now, but I will gladly share more details if it helps.

I have the Alienware 15 laptop. I use it for gaming and work currently. I have been very happy with it so far, but recently I have been having an issue with the screen freezing entirely. It could happen at any time, whether I am using it to run a demanding game or just simply using the web for anything. It could happen right now as I am typing this. The screen will just freeze up, nothing will work and I am left no other option than to hit the Alien power button to turn it off.

I was reading somewhere that it could have to do with my hard drive dying, but I have checked its status and it reads "OK."

I will appreciate any responses, thank you.


Mar 19, 2012
Adelaide, Australia
Have you done the Dell pre-boot assessment? If not, you can access it by pressing F12 on startup. It will do a full hardware diagnostic and could help pinpoint an issue.
Other than that I would suggest to go to the Dell Support page and use your Service Tag to search for any driver/BIOS updates.
If you've recently updated your GPU driver then you could try a previous version to see if that helps.