Psu cable help.


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Feb 26, 2017
Hey Guys.

I own an old Area-51-x58 wartime. The other day while playing a game the psu started smoking..a lot.
Needless to say i needed a new psu.

The people at dell identified i needed a 1000w psu model U662D. I bought that..but..when it arrived it didn't include the cable required to connect it to the system. When I messaged back they said I could use the cable that came with the system, which confused me since my psu had the cables built into it. I explained my old psu had built in cables and they identified I needed cable part number 4V2VJ. However, they no longer carry that cable nor expect to carry it anytime soon. They told me to go look at other vendors.

I'm asking for help trying to locate a compatible cable. I don't have the tech skills to figure out what's compatible. I don't care if the lights work I just want to be able to play my games again.

Thank you for the help.