Pushing The Boundaries: Going Against Your Nature.


Feb 4, 2012
This morning I was listening to a Metallica song called Sanitarium. The video made me think of abandoned insane asylums and hospitals. I thought it would be really neat to go explore them.


As I was looking at the photos it made me think of something else. How uncomfortable would it make me to do this. I often do things that go outside of my comfort level, put me at a disadvantage or are outright unforgiving as far as what people should expose themselves to but I have reasons for all of it. Some of the more tame things I do or have done :

  • I walk every morning or exercise and when I do it is usually very chilly, so I do not wear a jacket because even though it is cold enough to make me shiver a bit I know I am only building on my toleration. In the winter time I do the same thing.
  • When I exercise in the afternoon and it is hot instead of heading to the gym to run on a treadmill I normally run outside in the heat.
  • I am left handed or rather I am ambidextrous. Scissors right hand, write left hand, throw left hand or right etc... but sometimes I will write right handed for periods of time. Or use my non dominant arm or leg for most things.
  • Sometimes I will eat and drink in total darkness.
  • I will sometimes read holding the book, magazine, paper etc... upside down.
  • I sometimes will do push ups until I have to do them on my knees, then I go to negatives until I cannot do them anymore.
  • Sometimes I will drive in really crappy areas of major towns.
  • I free climb
  • I mix up routines. Open the car door using the opposite hand, put clothes on differently, eat differently and express myself differently.
  • I will sometimes involve myself with crowds or go to gatherings where there are masses of people.

Out of curiosity do any of you do anything similar?

Do you ever work outside your comfort levels or push the boundaries of your normality?

Do you ever force yourself to do things that you would not otherwise do or find a significant level of danger that goes against your nature?
Wow...Mental Hospital huh? I've been to a few :) Dont wanna be there! xD Its just natural for people to try and go out of the comforting zone. Why do you think people jump off of cliffs and bridges? Because they want that adrenaline rush!

Me personally, I have calm life and I seem to be....a normal person. But, I am not the average american. I don't wanna sound selfish or anything but, its true. I exercise every evening when I can and try to go for walks when its not raining or too hot. I dont really like starting fights or anything. I am a calm and balanced human being :) If I need to exert my anger, I do it in games that involve shooting xD But yes, if I need to stand up for myself or someone, I can...I hope! :D


Feb 8, 2012
I'm lazy, I am out of my comfort zone everyday at work being a safety hand you have to say the dumbest stuff to guys that know you have done the same things wrong that they are getting in $hit for. Tomorrow is your reward for working safely today. LOL
Suddenly I feel kind of sheltered....
Sometimes I have to leave my usually introvert comfort zone, because I work at a library. Sometimes I've even had to shout at patrons.... not a pleasant thing to do, let me tell you!! Especially when they shout back....