quad sli ssd raid array

Does anyone know or if they have the alienware set up that comes with the 4 SSD drives in Raid 0, does that mean the msata port is open? also is there room or a hook up for another hard drive? They are sending me a new laptop with the 4 way SSD raid 0 without a dvd drive. Normally when you have the laptop with the optical drive, the hard drives are located on the same side of the motherboad however they are on the other side (right to left) not front to back. Im praying the 4 ssd drives are located in the spot where the optical drive was this way i can use my mstat drive and sAMSUND PRO SERIES 840 ssd. Any help would be appreciated and also would help me actually calm down . Thanks in advanced.
From what I know they use the mSata slot and the optical bay for the 4 way RAID.

currently i have the optical drive and on hte other side i have a 7200rpm 750 gb hard drive and i added a 512bg SSD drive that connects right under the 7200rpm drive. my other drive is a 512gb msata drive.

I guess im gonna wait and see what the 4 way raid set up looks like. if the optical drive is gone then im hoping the ssd drives are located in the same spot where the drive used to be. that would leave the other side open to two more drives which is where they go when you have a system with the optical drive.

either way. right now i have two alienware 18's sitting at my house waiting to be mailed back to dell. they both have a 512 gb msata drive and a 750gb 7200rpm drive. both having the optical drive. when the new one comes i will be openig it up at doing some moving things around. im just praying there are some open spots for more storage . keeping fingers crossed.
I believe what you will find is 3 SSD + 1 mSATA SSD in the RAID0 membership.

  • 1 mSATA SSD in its own slot
  • 1 SSD in the ODD bay (replacing ODD)
  • 2 SSD in the standard dual HDD caddy

hmm...currently i have a 512gb msata running raid 0 with a samsung 840 pro 512gb. also in the dual caddy witih the samsung is a 780gb data drive. I think when i get the new machine im gonna switch out the 256mb msata drive with my 512gb msata and one of the 256gb ssd drives with my samsung pro 840 512gb. Can i then run two raid 0? one with the two 512gb and one with two 256gb? only thing is i will then have a extra 256gb SSD drive left over.

It would be nice if the 1 ssd drive that replaced the ODD had a dual HDD caddy as well. that would make things easier.

I have no idea if anyone understood what i just said or what im trying to do. But if so , does it sound doable? lol Raid arrays are all new to me.