Question about upgrade the GPU (R1)


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Mar 5, 2015
Hong Kong
I want to upgrade the GT545 to GTX960. However, I just got a 240w psu and I know that I need a 330w psu to support the GTX960. I just want to know the psu model for x51 is specified or not? Can I just buy another brand's psu for the x51? And where can I get the psu if there is a specified model for the x51. Thank you.

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The X51 R1 would also need a power board upgrade if you change the PSU, (or so I believe). The power board is a small board separate to the motherboard which disperses the power to the main areas of the motherboard.
Now, your GT545 needs about 105W and the GTX960 uses about 120W, so it's possible, (AND I STATE POSSIBLE), that it may work as is. You could always remove the CD/DVD drive to save a few Watts and also open up cooling space, if you don't use it.

NOTE: I'm no expert and am having my own GTX issue with a 970 at the moment, so I could be wrong.