question on GPU upgrade for Alienware 17 (2013)

Hey Guys,

I have been searching the forums for this question but can't find the answer for my rig. I want to upgrade my graphics and processor but want to make sure its compatible. I'm running the base model (i7 - 4700mq, gtx 765m)

There's a lot of new cards out since this was produced. My first thoughts was the gtx 780m but are there compatible cards out now that are better?

Same thing with the processor, I'm assuming you can't upgrade this but can you? If so, I was looking at the i7-4793mx but maybe there's newer and better compatible processors.

Thanks in advance for any responses.
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Sep 4, 2013
As of now the best processor you can put in your 17 is the 4940mx . And the best known gpu at this moment in time is 880m. People have been trying to get the 980m to work and isn't 100% compatable at this point in time. The 880M has known issues so you are better of with the 780m. If you wait until dell releases the 980m in their laptops we will know if it will work in ours or not. Should know in a couple weeks or so.
I have same rig as you except I have 770m and 4800mq processor. I suggest for you to wait until dell releases their 17 with 980m before upgrading your gpu because 980m will be significantly better than 780m .

Hope this helps