Questions, Feedback, Tips. Regardin X51 R1 GTX 970

Hello everyone,

I've been reading a lot of topics on how the 970 can be a hassle or not work for a lot of people. I'm coming here as i have some questions my self..

MY specs are

Intel i7-3770 CPU @3.40GHz


And now the PNY GTX 970.

I believe Im running the Alienware R1 version as i don't see nayhitng stating R2.. Other than Alienware ANDROMEDA_R5.

Anywho.. I bought two 8GB RAM stick and a GTX 970 from dell as they recommended it to me. I called alienware tech support and they ran my specs nad said I should have no issues running this card.

I've installed the 16GB of ram today along with my PNY GTX 970.. So far everything is working great.. It sbeen running for overa few hours and I played about a 30 minute match of Battle royale on Arma 3 with maxed setting.. I was sitting about 60FPS with 40+ players running around. My GPU MHz on MSI afterburn was about 1000-1200 Mhz and my Temp was at 50 C.

Sitting idle I sit about 30-40 C about -15 degrees less than with my old GT 640 card. My memory clock was sitting at about 3k Mhz when playing Arma 3.

My question is what is a 'safe' Mhz fro the GPU and Memory clock and mV when playing games or just normal operating? What should I look for with MSI afterburner? I know temp should exceed 80 C which it hasn't even gotten past 60 C yet with any of my games.

Right now my mV is sitting at 850 while just web browsing. Temperature is chilling at 38-40 C and my GPU 135 MHz and Mem 324 MHz

I do stream as well and haven't streamed tested yet with this card, but I figure the 16GB ram over 8GB ram will help mitigate things.
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Update: I installed this card about 1 PM EST and its been running since. MSI Afterburner has been showing me good numbers as far as I can see. The pc just rebooted randomly a minute ago and its 7:36 PM EST. So now I see there is an issue.