Quick Guide For M11x Mobo Replacement.


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Jan 1, 2019
I finally got a chance to replace my old M11x motherboard, LCD screen, and keyboard yesterday, and everything worked, its like having a brand new computer. I wanted to post a quick guide for those who want to do the same so they know what to be aware of. These tips can also apply to other Alienware laptops:

- Be extremely careful with the ribbon cables, they are ridiculously fragile (I accidentally broke the cable for the track pad) so remove them gently and slowly.
- Buy a Screw Extractor and Electric Screw Driver! My project was delayed because of two stripped screws, here are the products I got off Amazon to remove them:

Screw Extractor

Electric Screwdriver (Don't Use a Drill those are overkill for a laptop you want low RPMs)

Written Guide Step By Step Alienware M11x Tear Down


Video Guide


Known Issues

Since installing the new mobo, LCD screen and keyboard although everything works sometimes when I power the computer on the LED lights come on but the screen is black. I then have to manually power off the computer and restart it a second time at which point it starts normally and loads Windows. Don't know why this happens, have been researching it online and a lot of people are reporting it with other Alienware laptops including newer models like the M 15 and M 17.


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Mar 19, 2012
Awesome. Good work. I still want to get my hands on an R3. I used to have a few of them but stupidly sold them.