R10 - replacing stock fans with corsair/noctua


New Member
Apr 16, 2021
the machine is now very loud, but still distinctively audible.

i would like to do the fan swap - but which fans to use? i remember reading that on the r10, the noctua fans tend to work better.
then again i am genuinely wondering why it has be specific brands... why dont all fans work? the connectors are the same!? what gives?

also, what about the boot up error? i really cant have that. that annoying and would be a half assed solution. regarding that, i was told that replacing the cmos battery apparently fixes that - is that true?

also, if i replace the fans, will the system still recognize then, will they be controllable or able to adjust speed when you set them to auto-manage?

i believe you need PWM versions of the fans for that, no?