R4 Master I/O Board question

Miguel Guerra

New Member
Apr 14, 2016
hey guys how are you, i'm typing this because i don't know what else to do with my PC. I have an Alienware aurora R4, Last week i turned it on and the fans where 100%. I turn it off unplug the power cable and press the power button for like 30 seconds, then i left it there for about 5 min with power cable unplug, i plug it back and fans where still 100%.I did the steps again and this time uninstalling command center and all the frameworks that has to do with it, in other words a complete wipe and install. i also updated my bios to A11. I unplug and plug back every connector on I/O Board and the top board.

OK NOW HERE IS THE THING. ON command center everything says "0" and CPU PUMP "FAIL" AND on ALIEN FX my pc does not show to change the colors of the case only option to show is keyboard and mouse, active vents does not show anymore in command center, My mouse and keyboard does appear which im using the tactx mouse and keyboard but my case does not.

is my Master I/O BOARD broken? how can i know before buying another one? the model is 02JXP2 MS-4194
Thank you in advanced