R5 boot time


Apr 14, 2012
My 17 R4 with 8720HK 32GB ram GTX 1080 4k display, boots slow also Bios version is 1.8.0 Its a UEFI firmware issue. When i press the power button the blue light came on on the logo and changes to my standard red, then stays there for good 60 seconds or more than displays the alienware logos and windows circle. It should boot instantly with nvme but its not. I have a 4TB seagate Barracuda installed along with the standard 256GB SK-Hynix drive next to them is a 2TB WD Blue m.2 and a 512GB Sandisk X400 M.2 drives. If i remove all the drives than it boots almost in few seconds. So i dont care. For comparison, my Latitude 14 Rugged 5414, 6th gen i5 model with 16GB ram Bios version 1.24 . A 512GB Sandisk X400 drive along with a 1TB Sandisk Ultra in the DVD bay boots up within 5 seconds from the point i press the power button. Both of my laptops have a bios mod (ME Cleaner) that kills the underlying intel ME spy-ware firmware aka (Management Engine).