R7 Broke out of the box.


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May 6, 2018
First off, Im sorry to be short with mt punctuation. My R7 ran like garbage from the box. "Terrible video lag/micro stuttering on all games." I purchased the premium warranty because tech is cheep these days and it saved my butt! DON'T SHORT YOURSELF WHEN IT COMES TO WARRANTIES! With that said I ended up sending it in after a 15 or more hours of tech support in a 25 day span and an in home service hard drive replacement . Tech support was great, "by the way". It was getting close to my thirty day return point. I had three choices. Return it and get my money back. Return and reorder . Or send it off for service. Tough Choice i know. I ordered it with dual 1080 ti graphics cards and a i7 8700k cpu, which they don't offer anymore. I also didn't want to return it because of such a great deal i had with 10% off and the hassle of getting it added again with a separate ordered GPU would have been a hassle. I trusted tech support an decided to send it off for service. The GPU, CPU, and motherboard were replaced and now it runs like a dream. All and all, BUY THE PREMIUM WARRANTY! And if your having issues just be patient with Alienware. You will get out what you put in with them. If you don't like the tech support personal your dealing with just hang up and call again or ask for another. For all you naysayers of tech support Im am very pleased with how this was handled. Thanks again Alienware.