R9 M290X detected as HD 8970M and poor performance :(


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Mar 23, 2015
I got an Alienware 17 (Mid 2013) with the R9 M290X but the catalyst driver detector says its an HD 8970M. I called Dell they said it's normal but my issue is that when I play Skyrim or any other game it only detects my HD 4600 on the CPU. Hence why it runs like crap when I play games.
PS: I managed to manually set Guild Wars 2 to performance and my FPS went from 20 to 45...it's not bad but only half as good as a computer with same specs other than the GTX 860 it had running at 90 FPS. Skyrim will not run on anything other than my HD 4600 no matter what setting I put it at. Also is it normal to have the fans running full blast while playing a game and having temps of 130 F under load and 110 F idling? my CPU sometimes under small tasks revs up to 30-40%
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