RAID 0 with Two Seagate Momentus XT 500GB SSHD + Samsung 32GB mSATA Cache Drive


Jun 22, 2013
san diego
OK since I got my M17x R4 about 8 months ago I did a fresh install of everything and basically I didn't bother setting up RAID 0 ( I had past issues with RAID setup, But last time I had RAID was like 10 years ago ) cause of reliability issues.

But now I'm thinking of setting it up since SSD's are still not where want them to be price wise...At least RAID 0 will add a definite boost.

But I have few questions...

1. How reliable are RAID 0 setup now?
2. Will there be an issue setting RAID 0 for Hybrid Hard Drives since they each have automatic caching?
3. Will I still be able to setup the 32GB mSATA as a cache drive on top of the RAID 0 SSHD's?



Apr 12, 2012
I was thinking of doing raid 0 on my custom desktop with ssd's, but I was reading it's only useful when copying huge files back and forth between places on the comp. So basically I came to the conclusion is a waste of time unfortunately, no extreme boost anywhere else.

Also I think, and I'm not completely sure, but I thought I read raid 0 is kinda unsafe and risky for data loss. That could be another raid that I read that for.

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