RAM id help


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May 14, 2014
Older Aurora that's been in the closet for a year. Now its needed for some graphics software and I`d like to add more ram BUT cant pin down what I need.
The service tag is rubbed away in parts and on the alienware website my acct is not found anymore.
I got it at Best Buy a few years back. Has the I7 920 2.67 dual quadcore...
8 Gigs of ram ....upon opening the side theres 6 cards with three slots that I can pull out. They are 2gigs each and all I can manage to read on them is what looks like PC3 1500
The graphics card is a GeForce GTX260. Would like to put in three 8gig cards sooo
If anyone can help and point out what RAM I can use would greatly appreciate it. Have been searching Dell/Alienware and Google for a few hours to no avail.