RAM limit on M14X?

My question is, is there a limit to the amount of RAM that can go into an m14x. When I built mine online it gave me the option of up to 8gbs, but could I upgrade it myself and put in 16gb's for example. I don't plan on upgrading for awhile, just curious.
Thanks guys. As I said, it's just a thought. Just find that upgrading yourself rather than sending it back to Dell is a lot cheaper and I don't plan on getting another laptop for ALONG time. Inevitably with coming games and technology, 16gbs might become a required, never know.


Feb 12, 2012
There has been others who have upgraded to the 1866mhz and doing a little bit of digging this may help:

"Try clocking the ram you have in the notebook now to the higher scores and increase the voltage. I think you have a better chance than most as you have the best (fastest) processor available. With the 2630 that I have I don't think I will be able to get that high. I am probably pushing it now at 1600mhz."

You could price what you need to get a total of 8gb of 1600. honestly; i really doubt you'd see that much of a difference between the 1600 vs 1866, but then again, im not too sure how intense you get your PC up to; so that would be for you to judge.

Now even if you ended up not getting the 1866 the extra 2gigs alone should give you a good boost anyway. those are really good prices though, although i havn't priced ram in forever.


Feb 25, 2012
Mine came with the 2670(2720?) though not the 2630.

Basically what I'm looking at is either

keeping 6GB @ 1600MHz

upgrading to 8GB @ 1866MHz

or maybe upgrading to 16GB @ 1600MHz.

I don't think I need 16GB and if I'm upgrading then I might as well get the 1866 MHz.

Also, from the reviews I've read people say that those are really good prices for RAM. I'm just wondering if my processor can support 1866MHz RAM. Some sites say they can and some say they can't.

Also, this is kind of off topic but I noticed something weird with my processor. Or rather, I'm not sure what my processor is actually.

When I bought the laptop I ordered it with the 2720QM processor but when I open the device manager I get this.


But when I open CPU-Z I get this.


Intel even has different pages for each of these so I have no clue what I actually have in my system.


I doubt you would ever need that much though, If you are doing intensive video editing, and graphics rendering you don't need more than 12GB ever.

I'm considering buying an M14x for (obviously) games, but also for work which includes working with large numerical arrays and with virtual machines. In such situations, needing 16 GB of RAM is very easy (in fact, one of my programs needs to be run in a special computer at my lab which has 48 GB of RAM -- the ones with 16 GB can't handle it :cool:).
Yeah, the BIOS confirmed that what I really have is the 2670 not the 2720 that I ordered. The only real difference between the two that I see is that the 2670 OCs to 3.1GHz and the 2720 OCs to 3.3GHz.

You could probably get them in some trouble for that. If they charged you for a heavier processor and you didn't get it then they'll have to refund you something or even send you another machine as replacement.