RAM upgrade only showing single channel

Hello all,

So I am a little stumped, I just upgraded my R4 to 2 x 8GB sticks of new RAM (link below) and whilst the laptop is working fine, CPU-Z is reporting that it is operating in single channel.

When placing the SO-DIMMs I put them in slot 1 and 3, as I had read that this is the correct configuration repeatedly across a few forums, so I am unsure why it is stuck. The BIOS basically gives you little control of anything either, so I can not seem to find the reason for this.

Is anyone able to clarify this? Would switching to slots 2 and 4 make any difference?

I also found conflicting information on a forum where someone was saying that you do not even need to put RAM in the correct slots any more, and that it is dynamically based, which would make the situation even more confusing. Sadly, the Dell manuals are pretty much useless as well.

Any help is greatly appreciated.