Random freezing/ strange game lagging

First off My system is an m17xr3 i have 8 gigs of ram that i installed and fear may be my issue. OS is win 7 64bit cpu is i7 2820qm. now that's out of the way now on to the problems, recently I've noticed some freezing and lagging. It started off in FFXIV I'd see a lag every so often (but almost every 10-15 seconds) prior to this it hadn't happened since about a year ago when my video card went out, at that time i was still under warranty so i called dell and had it replaced. Now i ran through all the system checks, ran the utilities in system repair and no issues have been found. After initially noticing the problem I did update my video driver (from nvidia not from dell) but the problem persists. As well as that I'm also experiencing random freezing. I'm wondering if its a windows or driver problem, or if its HW. Like i said before the video card kills stress tests and so does the processor. I'm not sure where to go from here. I'm considering re-installing windows and starting fresh but i dont want to do that if its a HW issue. also I'm not sure how to get Alienware Profiles and software back on if I do decide to do that. So please help me out I know this is the place for the answers I seek. Thank you for your help. oh my video card is a nvidia GTX460m

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Actually I just ran OCCT I stopped after about a minute with a message saying core 2 over max value reached 87 max 85. But my cpu fan checked out on the checks. Maybe it intermittent?


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Mar 19, 2012
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Have you ever cleaned out the inside your machine?

I would definitely give that a try first. Make sure you take the fans out and clean them and get all the fluff that is stuck to your heatsinks.

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you'd be surprised how much crap gets trapped in there and causes problems.
thanks mattyb I have recently cleaned the inside of the machine. I just ran the OCCT test on my GPU without fail, however i still get an over temp fail on my CPU test. Seems to always be core 2. I was about to say though that it hasnt frozen during that time and i had a partial during this post so i'm hurrying to get done lol. my next thought is to run ubuntu of a cd and see if i still have issues, after that thermal compound replacement on the cpu would be the next logical step ( I think) thanks for the help please keep tossing ideas at me.
Update, I restarted in debug mode, did some clicking around didn't really change anything, restarted and it loaded some new drivers, it hasn't had an issue since. I haven't loaded the cpu, though I'm waiting to repaste. This is my gaming computer so I really hope it's not damaged.
ok still having issues, hoping to get some help. I have all the dvd's that came with the system. What i need to know is when i reinstall windows can i use those to get the alien overlay back? i'm not sure it that was included in the software if not i know we have the resources here so could someone point them out to me please? i dont have tons of time to do the checking around to find them. between work and school and such. so it would be much appreciated if you could do that for me. thanks i really do appreciate the help. additional info here. I can here my cpu making sound or what i think is my cpu making sound.. usually its a little chip or click, today i picked it up and i believe i made the HDD scream. (location of where i picked it up and how i picked it up.) this was after i was pissed off at it for freezing so i might have been a little rough. Anyways let me know if you think its anything important. it started up fine but its a ticking time bomb i think.

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Update2: Tore it down!!!!!! lol ripped the paste (which was very dry) cleaned everything... iso'ed it new paste. running OCCT hasnt failed yet been going for about 55 minutes when i'm done here. (posting this from another pc bty) and it seems ok. kinda concerned that my fan might be weak tho. the check said it checked out but the gpu fan is a tornado compared to the cpu fan. any way to check that out? I feel like im talking to myself on these forums lately. course i have been rapid firing posts. thanks for any suggestions.
Update again. been running fine since last post. all I did was tell Firefox to take a hike and started using (dun dun DUN!!!!) IE, I know, I know but if FF is gonna be stupid i'll just not use it. A note about the lag in ffxiv, Non-existent now. New paste did the trick for me!