Ranger BIOS - Which is "best"?

I have been reading around the net and seeing some rumors that later BIOS revisions tend to handicap the performance of the Ranger model, and earlier versions increase performance. How true is it? Also, today in 2020, is it still worth using an older BIOS?

In terms of modified/unlocked BIOS, what gains do you get out of it vs the stock BIOS that make the flash worth the risk?

I am currently running the A17 revision on my Ranger, and just trying to squeeze all of the power that I can out of it.


Mar 19, 2012
Adelaide, Australia
I'm not really sure, sorry. It is true though that it's not always a good idea to have the latest BIOS. In many cases, a new BIOS is released to deliberately reduce performance, for example what Dell did on the Area-51M.
A BIOS should only be updated if you are having issues with your machine.
The unlocked BIOS gives access to the extra hidden Advanced tab and can help if you need to set the Video mode to iGFX, SG or PEG.
Have you checked with the guys at NotebookReview?