Razer Nostromo

So by the title I'm sure you can guess what I want to talk about.

I've been playing quite a bit lately and one morning after I woke up my W key was almost popped out, kinda freaked me out because there was simply no explanation. I've been looking into the Nostromo for awhile and was wondering if anyone else had it. I've seen the Swift review and he looks pretty enthusiastic about it but I want a second opinion. Primarily how it works with Space Bar. I've been playing Tribes alot and Skiing requires you use the Space a lot, almost constantly. Does the Nostromo have any particular button that would make my life a little easier for that without making movement an issue?
How's the key quality? are they mechanical or other?

GD on the Nostromo.
$#!t! and not it's out of stock... argh... shouldn't have let my better judgement take over and not order it. Oh well... My next buys will certainly be the Nostromo and the Cyborg Rat 7. Which one comes first is entirely based on availability.. which now seems like the RAT, as I can go across the street and get the Contagion version, or down the street and get the nice black one lol... over thinking
So I came today, at first glance it's really cool... Like wow I need to touch it cool. When in game it's very comfortable, however getting used to the buttons is the next challenge. The extra scroll wheel, thumb pad and button are very handy, remapping everything to fit best will be quite fun.
I love that it can be mapped to 15 different key ways, makes switching between games amazingly easy. Just name the keymap, press the thumb button and boom bam it's all done. From Tribes to Guild Wars, Skyrim, Crysis whatever hot keys you need all in one. Not to mention the Macro's


Feb 26, 2012
i own the nastromo and you wont be disapointed. takes a bit to get used to the fact all the keys are numbered and not lettered but the movment keys wasd are 3 8 7 and 9 so thats pretty simple to remember plus there kabled with the arrows. ive been wanting to lable them but been to lazy lol
I'm loving it thus far, it's really convenient though just because of the curve of the pad it can feel awkward if you're like me playing with a laptop+lap desk. I have a plastic cylinder that I put under my wrist to raise it up, feels a lot better that way. In any case I'm enjoying it, very well paired with my Razer Naga.