Razer SW:TOR new products


Feb 21, 2012
So as Dan said somewhere in some other post, Razer is now implementing the Switchblade UI in other products, such as keyboards. The new line of products they are going to launch is, as the title said, SW:TOR.

This is the keyboard, and there's also a mouse, mouse pad and a matching headset.
Now, I was thinking, being the Switchblade cool and all, althrough I hadn't had the chance to try it, is it only me who thinks that 250$/~250€ for a keyboard is too much? I mean, I know some peripherals can get pricy, but is it really worth the expense?
What do you think about it? When you buy peripherals, what budget do you have in mind?
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Dan? Me? o_o?

I agree with the others that it's pretty pricey. But I think that's just because it's a first gen product. It's a pretty sweet addition that's really convenient on the MMO/FPS aspect of things ei: Spell Casting, Gun Swap, etc. all in 1 easy location and the track pad is pretty cool to.

Although I think on another note, you still have to take your hand off your mouse if you want to use the Switchblade... which is something you wouldn't have to do if you have a Razer Naga and program the keys to quite literally whatever you want them to be.
Not to mention the Razer Naga comes with 'training' pads which are like little rubber stickers that you can place on all the numbers on the mouse making it even easier to use your buttons.
You see, I dont really like razer for not making a program for a bunch of colors. All you can do is change the macros and bindings, not the color :D Plus, most of their items are 1-game specific. Either its, STWOR or ME3. I mean, you can use the items in other games and such but, it wouldn't be as useful. Thats where they should improve. A price drop would be nice too :D If you want an mmo mouse or keyboard, take a look at the corsair k90 and the m90.

Speaking of whiwh, anyone can spare some info on Synaptics drivers (or w/e they're called)? I read in a review that you need to register to razer website to be able to properly configure them o_O

Its called, cloud configuration. I think its like saving data to the cloud instead of to your PC, like origin does ^^ I think you can share your setups from there.