Ready for a new laptop, feedback?

Hey all. Mike here. New to the forums, and ultimately Alienware as a whole.
My laptop is due to be replaced, and what with school I couldn't figure a better time then now.

I'm heavy into the Alienware 15, in the configuration Seen Here

I see there quite a few variants in the 15" range, including what seems to be a discontinued M15.
What can owners of this current generation say for the machine? Anything you didn't get, but now wish you had?

Also, while I know this isn't the most travel-friendly laptop - it will certainly be carried around on occasion.
I figure, if I'm spending good money on the computer, why not hop on for the Alienware case too?
I found the Alienware Orion, as well as the Alienware Vindicator series bags. Seems Orion is an older iteration - but seems to have more space which might be good for a college student. Does anyone have any experience with either bag? Obviously, I'd probably want to stuff my iPad (flame on) a notebook (the paper kind) 1 or 2 folders plus my keys and such in there.

Lastly, any suggestions on a wireless mouse that isn't so huge as to take up the entirety of the bag?

Thanks folks!
Thanks! I bought the 15, with the i7, 16gb and upgraded to the touch screen. I figured the screen especially isn't something that can be swapped out quick and easy. It will be a school work/play machine, and is still 100X more than what I'll really ever need. It is supposed to be here 2/16, I hope it gets here sooner! LOL I expect I'll be quite pleased.