Reboot with Fan Overdrive / CPU Overheat Problem

Parker Howard

New Member
Nov 8, 2015
For a really good while now I've had a problem where my x51 will go into a black screen and the fan will go full on turbo for a few seconds and then the PC will restart. I narrowed it down to the the CPU Overheating. It had a phase and my family and I seemed to have fixed it by using MSi Afterburner to set the fan speed higher than usually so the CPU wouldn't overheat.

However: I recently brought the computer to my dorm and upgraded it to Windows ten because it was unable to download the windows updates. Now in Windows 10 after a few reboots, MSi afterburner doesn't seem to work, and appears as an empty shortcut on my desktop and at it's file location.

I'm looking either for a solid fix or a program (WITH instruction) to set the fan speed higher.
It's a default, not additions, X51 R2.