recovery partition keeps flashing onto screen


Dec 26, 2012
HI guys i have been away working away for a couple of months working i come back and start up my M17x R4 and the recovery partition keeps flashing up on my screen. So i restarted it seemed to of stopped so i loaded up far cry 3 to finish it off which i did and saved my friends but i had saved at a point where i could play alternative ending. I just got loaded to my save point and it shutdown and wouldn't load windows again. I tried all the windows recovery tools from recovery disc and got nowhere so i reimaged from a previous system image but got the same black screen with cursor flashing in the top corner. so then i did a fresh install but i'm still getting the recovery partition autoplay box flashing up every 5/10 seconds maybe i should've saved Citra instead of my friends in far cry 3 :-( i have a Crucial M4 512gb as my main drive which is only a year old. Here is my full specs any help with this would be much appreciated Alienware M17X R4-I7 3840QM-HD7970M-M4 512gb SSD-500gb 7200 rpm + 32gb MSATA Caching Drive-16gb RAM @ 1600mhz