Reinstall windows

Ok so i have Windows 7 home premium and 24 gigs of ram. my system has been running slow for a long time and i'm only able to use 16 gigs of ram with this version anyways. I have 7 extreme but its not an upgrade disc its a fresh install disc. i want to start from scratch anyways to clear the junk. what can i do to get all my alienware stuff back after the install? and how would i get my shortcut keys for vol wifi command center and everything to work again after doing so. the things that i want to keep are the splash screen before the windows login and the windows login screen itself. i know how to change the login but not the splash. any help? please guys i want to get this running asap. so i can really enjoy my alienware again. i'm so upset with it i've considered buying another to fix the issue but money is too tight to do that. thanks for you help and if yo need more info let me know.
If your doing a fresh install you will lose your recovery partition and your Alienware install. You have a couple of options save all the Alienware wallpaper and software to a usb drive to reinstall later. Use this program to change your splash and log in screen with this
Works well have used it for years. or you can rebuild your dual partition by following this thread.
Either way good luck..