Replacing Area 51 ALX Mobo with Asus P9x79 LE Issues

Hey Guys

I got an Area 51 ALX case from a friend but i wanted to change the motherboard as its kind out of date now.

So i did a bit of research and was told by quite a few people to get the Asus P9x79 LE motherboard, its an x79 mobo.

Issues im having so far is attaching the cable labelled 1394 and the FP1 cable to the correct places as they seem completely different on this new mobo.
Any idea on what to do?


you can see the cable with the green top that is loose (called : 1394) and other area is where the FP1 cable goes on the original mother board, but on this board is different.

here is a picture of the old board.

Any ideas on what to do would be awesome.
hopefully i wont have to take stuff back.