Require AlienwareFX Software Urgently

Hi guys,

I currently have an old alienware system with a predator case. It used to use the alienwarefx v1.06 software for the lighting board. Unfortunately i have lost the software and recently more or less completely re-built the pc except the shell and lights on the case.

Does anyone know where i can get the software or is someone able to email me the software?

I tried logging onto the old hive account but it now puts me into my other account which is my alienware laptop :(




Nov 15, 2014
2. This is where I try to explain how to use the 3 DIP switches in a passive daughter card to change the color of lights in your system. There are three micro switches on the ELC board located at the inside base of the case.
Each is numbered 1 to 3. Make sure you

- Switch OFF your PC each time you set the colours.

- Move the switches with a ballpoint pen or a toothpick , NOT a screwdriver. Be gentle. Otherwise you may break the DIP switches.

The colour and switch order is :-

1,2,3 Down = Off
1,2,3 Up = Light Blue
1,2 Up, & 3 Down = Turquoise
1,3 Up, & 2 Down = Purple
1,3 Down, & 2 Up = Green
1 Down,2,3 Up = Yellow
1,2 Down, & 3 Up = Red
2,3 Down, & 1 Up = Blue
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