Restoring to Factory Settings Without the Respawn image


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Aug 23, 2012
hey guys,

i completely stuffed up, and had to do a respawn, at this point being new to alienware i was unaware of this, and did a normal format and reinstall,

can someone please help me get it back to its factory settings? using the device CD i reinstalled all the drivers but, have lost some of the cool features like facial recog, and who knows else what?

anyone else stuffed up like i did?

any help would be appreciated thanks guys!


Jun 17, 2013
Houston, TX
Resurrecting this thread I ran across wile searching around for Command Center info.

So, I ordered my first AW (M17x R4) and it should be here next week. Was doing searches on restores as I have no experience with AW and am not familiar with the OS or any custom additions to it. I am not certain how any custom features such as Command Center are provided. For example, if I create a restore disc, will Command Center or any AW custom features be automatically bundled into that restore disc? The only other idea I have come up with would be to buy a blank hdd and ghost the primary drive onto it and store it in a safe place for emergencies.

Any input from anyone would be appreciated.

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Nevermind. Found more info on Respawn and from what I gather, it should bring the system back to the state at which it arrived at my doorstep. I am presuming that means Command Center and all other AW custom utilities that came with the system should be included in the restore copy. I hope I am interpreting that right. :)