returning from the dead


Feb 26, 2012
whats up guys. ive been away for awhile. been taking care of some personal issues. this year has been a rather rough one for me. im in the middle of alot of life changes and packing to move. not much has happened to the stacker case. other then i have my rog board and one titan in it. the lay out of the case has the bottom tanks of the radiator sitting on the back plate of the top card. so i have a titan sitting dormant with a brand new ek block on it waiting to be used. i miss my aurora alot. the case is still sitting on the same table i gutted it on. other then all the bs ive been dealing with life has been ok. moved up in my job. no longer a used car mechanic i am now on the works of being a certified toyota technician. i miss the pay i was getting but in the long run it will pay off. ive been having fun doing/learning new things that i havent done before. also i get to learn one brand of car and have tools for one brand of car instead of many. ill start putting more time in here as i get my life squared away. figured id drop in and say hello since its been a short.