RoG Gene mobo in aurora case


Mar 8, 2013
hi all

im new to this site, and i love the layout, but let me get to the point:

i have an alienware aurora case that houses my rig, using an Asus RoG rampage Gene 1366 motherboard. now, this worked for me, fx lights and all, about two years ago. i had to replace the front panel and top lighting board(crazy ex cut my front panel wires.)

now i just recently got my desktop rig back up(got me an m14 to feed my hunger for gaming), with a new front panel and top lighting board, and these are the issues im having:

1. the front bezel and alien head do not shut off. i have to remove the power cord from the outlet to get them to shut off, never was like that before

2. when i do remove the power cord, it resets my CMOS settings, which require me to set the date and time each and every time i unplug the power cord. however, unplugging the power cord gets the side lights to work.

3. the side lights will not work unluess the power cord is completely removed from the outlet it is in?

anyone got any ideas of how i can fix this? i do have ACC installed, but its that my side lights wont turn on and my front lights wont turn off.