I've been here a few days now and am just now getting to this, with this being an introduction. I'm a Texas gamer who's creeping closer and closer to 30; in fact, I'm 28. I've been mostly a console gamer here in there since the NES. My first exposure to PC gaming was in 1998 when I got my first desktop. Yes, that old Compaq Presario; we bought it from an obese salesman at RadioShack. I remember my first PC game being Dark Forces. It was such a glorious mess of pixels. The sound didn't even work, and I had no idea what I was doing on that computer. However, Doom and Duke Nukem soon came into my life and made me happy.

I've been thinking about a gaming PC since summer. I've learned a great deal via the internet, without evening working on a computer. However, I went with my first Alienware for two reasons: (1) I have a small living space and cannot add another desktop. (2) I have a credit line with Dell Financial Services.

After canceling my Wii U pre-order, I talked to my wife about wanting a gaming computer. Since she uses our Dell Studio XPS for playing the Sims 3, I figured she would okay it, even though we are currently striving to pay off all debt. At first I talked her into allowing me to get the M14x, but I wanted something to last longer, with better performance. Therefore, I now sit here typing this introduction on an Alienware forum, all the while waiting for my M17x to arrive.

I look forward to getting to know some of you. Thank you for helping me in configuring my purchase. Sadly, I'm not sure how my horrid AT&T DSL connection with work for online gaming, but I will be moving around February 1, and I plan to go with a faster internet connection for all of my gaming needs.


Mar 4, 2012
Welcome! I am 41 and still an avid gamer. Like you I started with console gaming and didn't get into the PC space till I was in my 30s. Now, it is my gaming platform of choice (even though I still dabble in console gaming with the 360 and PS3). Glad to have you aboard, where in Texas are you from?