SATA Modes Avaliable In BIOS Of X51 R2


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Mar 26, 2014
Hi There!

Just ordered a new X51 R2 a couple weeks a go and am thinking of dropping a SSD in it right away. Just curious for the guys that have done this upgrade if the BIOS gives you access to AHCI or RAID Sata Modes? Or is it always locked into ISRT. Seem to get some conflicting reports in the Web on this.

Currently am thinking of cloning the 1TB Mechanical HDD in the X51 to a Samsung 840 Pro 256GB. Also does anyone know if I need to replace the Sata Cable to the HD with a new cable to acquire Sata3 speeds? Don't want to run a dual HD setup as this is just a Media Player.

Thanks Very Much For All The Help!